Digital Marketing Tips With Alex Ribble

After spending 6+ years on the agency side in Los Angeles, I started to see a couple of patterns emerge with respect to digital marketing and online business growth:

Websites needed a real plan for growth and a solid + consistent means of driving traffic.

A website should never be ‘finished’ per say, but continually fresh & ever-evolving. Shorter attention spans from both humans and search engines should be reason enough to develop fresh content for your site on the regular. (In fact if you’re still reading, good for you!) All signs still point to organic search (non pay-per-click advertising) continuing to play a major role in how we connect with businesses online, so good SEO has to be the focal point within all of your digital media. Business owners often ask me how much of the website content they develop should be text or video-based, a loaded question indeed. The easy ‘out’ could be to say the answer varies by industry & expertise, but I’ll take it a step or two in the other direction and say that website traffic is just a fancy metric for interest, and creativity drives human interest. That said, if you’re more creative performing on camera, go ahead and put yourself out there. If the keyboard is your chosen weapon of excellence, the write and write as often as you can, amigo.

A good digital marketing strategy should not only be driving traffic, leads, and conversions; but also conversation.

We know a regular stream of optimized content with proper SEO can drive traffic, and a well-designed and interesting email campaign can help drive leads & conversions. Social media is obviously driving the conversation, but the problem becomes how to not only engage-in but master all of these individual aspects of digital marketing! Some companies do and do a great job with covering all the digital bases.

Mountain Dew is one example of a brand doing an amazing job with their digital — meaning their website is consistently fresh — utilizes the latest in responsive & interactive technologies, and still manages to optimize well.  They also happen to take full advantage of their social media every step of the way. Great model for a solid ‘how-to’ and a tough act to follow. That said, it’s safe to say they probably spend more on their marketing in 3-months than your business will in the next 20-years but it matters none. Great is great.

What I’ve found is that businesses are focused on well, growing their business — NOT in the latest thing happening with digital marketing. That’s where we come in.

We can and often do operate as a client’s outsourced digital marketing department. What that means, is we provide balanced & consistent mix of the following digital marketing services on behalf of our client:

•    Website & Blog Design & Development
•    Organic & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
•    Content Development & Keyword Strategy
•    Pay-Per-Click Online Advertising
•    Social Media Marketing
•    Email Marketing
•    Link Building
•    Satellite (Miniature) Website Design & Development

Our process is called MICROFAME™.  We can help you with as little or as much of the above as your business requires, depending of course on your goals & time frame. This lets you do what you do best, run your business.

Questions? Happy to chat. Email Me here. Otherwise, keep creating!