Organically Grown Traffic

Big Chief Creative Increases Organic Traffic

So you’ve probably heard the about “SEO” before, but what the heck is it? What can it do for you and your business?

What does it all mean, man?

“SEO” is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization.” Just as the name indicates, SEO is the practice of improving the visibility of an entire website or page of the website in the search engines. A site that is well-optimized will be seen as relevant for prime keyword searches in the search engines, and will rank highly for those keyword phrases.

SEO refers to the organic side of search engine marketing, where optimization is done to websites and individual web pages to rank highly based on their merit, authority, and relevance. This includes local searches. Other forms of search engine marketing (SEM) refer to pay per click advertising, where an ad linking to a web page ranks highly based partly on how much the owner of the ad is bidding on the keyword search.

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