From Social Network Zero to Hero

Social Media Zero to Hero with Big Chief CreativeIn case you haven’t heard, Social Media Marketing (SMM) has become one of the most effective ways to communicate with your business’s prospects and customers. Aside from being a great way to share personal news, social media can be a phenomenal way to spread valuable tips and information from your business while positioning yourself as an industry leader.

What do you mean you’re still getting around to it?

Before engaging in a social media marketing campaign, you’ll need to develop both a short term and long-term plan, or what we define as your Social Media Strategy (SMS).

We start with what we call the BASIC 4:

  1. What do you want to achieve using social media? Is this campaign design for brand recognition? To be used as a promotional tool? Or a targeted connection builder?
  2. How do you want to position yourself and your brand in a social media setting? Social media is a great tool to amplify your brand’s authentic voice. How will you use this voice to distinguish your business from your competitors?
  3. What is your timeframe? How soon are you looking to take over the world?
  4. What is a realistic and available social media budget? Social media is a component of your overall marketing plan.

We help you identify your target audience by finding out which social networks they participate in. Although Facebook and Twitter may be popular at the present time, you may get more traction by targeting more niche-type social networks. We help you plan your messaging, determine what tone you’re should to speak in, and what types of things you’ll want to say to your audience of potential customers. We also create a plan to help you know how to respond to others in your network, as well as how to deal with negative comments.

Most importantly, we help you make sure the content you are sharing is meaningful.

Bottom line? If what you’re saying is offering no value to your audience, your audience isn’t listening.

As with any good strategy, we help you to set strategic goals as well as identify quantifiable measurements to help determine your social media successes. Once you know and can sink your teeth into your results, you’ll be able to expand on what’s working and make adjustments to what isn’t.

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