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Website Launch For CARC

Big Chief Creative Media Launches Newly Redesigned Website for Orange County EB-5 Regional Center, Century American

Digital Marketing Agency, Big Chief Creative Media, announces its newest website build for Century American Regional Center, based in Orange, CA.

Brea – Orange County, CA – Century American Regional Center, a USCIS approved company, recently launched their new website located at Century American Regional Center (CARC) assists foreign nationals in obtaining permanent U.S. residency under the Federal EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program.

Built with a clean, professional yet modern look in mind, the new CARC website welcomes users with a rotating slideshow of Featured Projects, a Latest News section as well as a Company Overview .The ease of use though the main navigation area allows users to quickly gain more knowledge of the EB-5 Program, Visa Process and Financing Criteria provided by Century American Regional Center.

This latest website build by Orange County Digital Marketing Agency, Big Chief Creative Media (BCCM), proved to be one of the quickest launches to date!

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Website Launch for Arbor Financial

Arbor Financial Group Website
It seems we routinely get stuck working with good human beings (…what a drag right?), and what a pleasure is was to work with the folks at Arbor Financial Group on their most recent website project. Arbor provides customized mortgage solutions for new home purchases, refinance, and debt consolidation, and offers a full variety of mortgage products including: fixed, FHA, VA, ARM, jumbo, commercial and private financing where applicable.

The design of this website reflects the solidity and stability of the Arbor brand. The content focus was developed to reflect only the important elements of the customers’ information requirements rather than ‘over-bloat’ the copywriting as is so typical in Arbor’s industry. This site has a client-accessible, fully-functional content management system (WordPress) and is hosted and supported by Big Chief Creative Media.

Visit this website at

For more information about Big Chief Creative Media, please contact us at (714) 794-2226 today!

Digital Marketing Tips With Alex Ribble

After spending 6+ years on the agency side in Los Angeles, I started to see a couple of patterns emerge with respect to digital marketing and online business growth:

Websites needed a real plan for growth and a solid + consistent means of driving traffic.

A website should never be ‘finished’ per say, but continually fresh & ever-evolving. Shorter attention spans from both humans and search engines should be reason enough to develop fresh content for your site on the regular. (In fact if you’re still reading, good for you!) All signs still point to organic search (non pay-per-click advertising) continuing to play a major role in how we connect with businesses online, so good SEO has to be the focal point within all of your digital media. Business owners often ask me how much of the website content they develop should be text or video-based, a loaded question indeed.

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Studio One Eleven Architects Web Launch WebsiteLong Beach, CAStudio One Eleven, an Architecture Studio based out of Long Beach, CA has recently launched their newly redesigned website, located at
Designed in-house but built by Big Chief Creative Media – a Digital Marketing agency based out of Orange County, CA – the new was created to showcase their exquisite work in architecture, landscape and urban design. Along with developing and installing a customized content management system, Big Chief Creative Media held the simplicity and attention to detail of the architecture firm throughout the entire website.

Studio One Eleven does not base their design on a singular language but rather through the careful assessment of history, climate, culture and context of the place where they stand. The new website is designed to be a functional outlet to exhibit all of Studio One Eleven’s past, patterns and precedents.

About Studio One Eleven: Based in downtown Long Beach, California, Studio One Eleven is an integrated practice of architecture, landscape, and urban design dedicated to creating more vibrant communities. From master plans to individual buildings, each endeavor aims at making a more humane and sustainable urban whole. They believe that the purpose of architecture is the making of the City. From the geography of the region to the disposition of blocks and buildings, every urban component has an interdependent relationship with all others. They view every project as an opportunity to physically enhance the urban context that sustains it.

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Blog Launch for Windermere Real Estate

Big Chief Creative Media launches new blog for Windermere Real Estate / Preferred Living to bring together Southern California residents for more than just housing.

Today’s real estate market has changed drastically from the one we knew before 2008, and the top real estate agencies have not just adapted and accommodated, they’ve created innovative ways to interact with their agents and customers.

Last week, Windermere Real Estate/Preferred Living launched a new blog dedicated entirely to their agents, their customers and their community, to bolster the company’s service to local residents. The blog will focus on Southern California, highlighting topics such as local community news and events, real estate market trends, local businesses, featured Windermere properties and houses for sale in Orange County and throughout Southern California.

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Big Chief Rejuvenates Architects’ Website

Perkowitz + Ruth Architects turned to SEO-experts Big Chief Creative Media to design a fully-optimized, dual-language website.

Long Beach, California — Even a company with international recognition and renown needs to stand out above their competition, both in their work and in their online presence. Perkowitz+Ruth Architects, a commercial architecture firm headquartered in Long Beach, California, have proved their merit with their award-winning designs and attitude towards sustainability, and have now conquered the online world with their website redesign.

The firm had several goals for their upgraded site: full content-management capabilities; versions in both English and Chinese; over 800 pages of content transitioned and optimized; and finally, full and complete search engine optimization. With such a specific list of needs and benchmark for quality and precision, Perkowitz+Ruth Architects’ Vicky Hammond made the right choice by hiring Orange County’s finest: Big Chief Creative Media.

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Direct Mail Campaign For AMC

Client: Advanced Microcomputing Concepts

Campaign Type: PR + Social Media + Direct Mail + Email

So we’ve designed this piece as part of our muti-platform campaign specifically targeting Attorneys ($2M in revenue or higher) in the greater Los Angeles area. As the first of four (4) direct mail pieces, we’ve led with a ‘general’ introduction to AMC, along with an intro to their Free Network Assessment, a $500 value. (We’d built a splash website around the Free Network Assessment some time ago, here. In fact, take a minute and Google ‘free network assessment’. You’ll notice AMC ranges between #1 (top) and #3 on the Google SERP.

As a cloud services provider, you can imagine how much of a trending topic anything ‘cloud’ related is at the moment, and we’ve included an intro to AMC’s Private Cloud Solutions.

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What is Link Building?

There are many factors that can impact your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) and rankings. Content frequency and “freshness”, age of your domain, and relevance are all determining elements of how your site ranks within the search engines at any given time. While these factors tend to fluctuate, one has remained surprisingly constant over the years: the value of inbound links to your website.

The Internet is a popularity contest in the eyes of the search engines. Inbound links are valuable links from other web pages to pages on your website. Every time someone links to your website from another page, you are acquiring a inbound link. Search engines count these links and use them to determine your site’s authority and relevance. The more inbound links you own from relevant and authoritative websites, the more authority your site is awarded from the search engines.

There are many types of link building in which you can engage in to better your SEO efforts, and each can have an impact on your site. Here are a few examples:

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How To Create A Viral Campaign Online

The most successful online marketing campaign you can hope for is a viral campaign. A solid viral campaign can impact your branding, online traffic, reputation and most importantly your sales. (Significantly) Done right, your brand can go from a blip on the radar to an overnight sensation worthy of a late night talk show appearance.

A viral marketing campaign is an online campaign that is so popular, so remarkable, and so easily sharable that it spreads across the Internet just like a virus. These campaigns seem to touch everyone across the web, and spark chatter from office water cooler to the dinner table.

Social Media is typically associated with viral campaigns, as social websites are where most conversations take place online. Before you know it, everybody’s talking.

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The Importance of a Free Online Service

Part of the importance of building a complete presence online includes marketing “free” or “giveaway”-type services, a process which can be achieved in virtually any industry.

In this example, we’ve used one of many satellite websites created for our client, Advanced Microcomputing Concepts, Inc. (AMC) of San Dimas, CA. The purpose of this website is to capture leads based on the specific segment of their service offering, in this case VoIP phones and installations. (AMC offers a free assessment which details how clients can drastically lower their monthly bills through utilizing better technology, a $500 value)

Our research showed that the keyword phase ‘free telecom assessment’ had a decent daily search rate in the Los Angeles, CA area, and the competitors were virtually non-existent. It would be very easy for us to achieve first-page SERP status for this term.

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