Case Study: McMurray Stern

BCCM initially met with storage solutions provider McMurray Stern, Inc. in October, 2012, to provide an estimate for an upgrade to their existing website. McMurray Stern was extremely open to many of our suggestions concerning website branding and content structure, and it wasn’t long before our discussions evolved into a full-fledged online lead generation strategy.


Our main challenge was that McMurray Stern had not previously engaged in marketing online and had little to no presence. They wanted to create an all encompassing platform to help support their internal sales efforts and explore new avenues of lead generation. After a short period of research and a thorough competition analysis, we predicted we could establish a robust online presence within McMurray’s service area in a relatively short period of time.


Our recommended solution was to create a multi-tiered plan based on leveraging their existing website’s content and developing a targeted audience through social media and pay-per-click marketing efforts.

- First, we established a detailed search engine keyword analysis, targeting 75 valuable key phrases which had a high monthly search-rate and a low competitive value within McMurray Stern’s service area. This process allowed us to go back and reformat all of McMurray’s existing online content into now valuable and optimized search engine content.

- Next, we provided a completely new website development, which was designed to be much more search engine friendly and easy for the client to update internally. We established re-directs from all of the links from their old website to their new website, and professionally optimized all of the title tags, search descriptions, and keyword tags throughout the new website.

- We then established new social media pages for McMurray Stern on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIN complete with slick new graphics matching the website’s new and updated look. Our social media staff then worked tirelessly to develop targeted connections using a mix of advertising and in-house connection sourcing to build McMurray’s new audience. At the same time, our staff worked closely with Miranda to develop McMurray’s unique and authentic voice online, developing daily content, graphics and press releases while scheduling across the multiple social platforms.

- Finally, we established a pay-per-click budget and Google Adwords campaign to generate instant traffic and leads while helping to cover all of our bases. We targeted 3 of McMurray’s main services and setup call and click tracking measures to accurately report our results.


Our organic search engine efforts were a huge success, propelling over 50 keywords instantly to the first-page results shortly after the new website launched! McMurray saw an immediate website traffic increase of 600% as well as plenty of positive feedback from the website’s design and easily navigable improvements. McMurray now ranks on the first page results for hundreds of valuable keyword search variations within their service area.

Our social media efforts helped to create and engage a whole new audience, with thousands of targeted influencers now connected to the McMurray Stern brand across multiple platforms who now have exposure to McMurray’s branded communications each day! McMurray Stern has since become a top LinkedIN contributor within many of the LinkedIN groups in which they are members, and drive hundreds of visitors to their website each month through social media.

Our pay-per-click optimization efforts have created thousands of new clicks and visitors to the McMurray Stern brand, helping to shape a consistent influx of new leads!


- In 2011, prior to working with Big Chief, McMurray Stern reported a total of 15 online leads with 0 proposals written and 0 leads closed.

- In 2012, prior to working with Big Chief, McMurray Stern reported a total of 16 online leads with 2 proposals written and 0 leads closed.

- In 2013, after working with Big Chief, McMurray Stern reported a total of 94 online leads with 42 proposals written and 16 leads closed totaling $500,000 in new business! We also also helped generate over $1,500,000 in new business opportunity!

We are extremely thankful to have the continued opportunity to work with McMurray Stern and such a talented young Marketing Director in Miranda Murray. Miranda’s contributions and creative ideas to the impact and success our combined marketing efforts have had cannot be understated.

If you would like more information on how we’ve helped McMurray Stern, please contact us today.