Direct Mail Campaign For AMC

Client: Advanced Microcomputing Concepts

Campaign Type: PR + Social Media + Direct Mail + Email

So we’ve designed this piece as part of our muti-platform campaign specifically targeting Attorneys ($2M in revenue or higher) in the greater Los Angeles area. As the first of four (4) direct mail pieces, we’ve led with a ‘general’ introduction to AMC, along with an intro to their Free Network Assessment, a $500 value. (We’d built a splash website around the Free Network Assessment some time ago, here. In fact, take a minute and Google ‘free network assessment’. You’ll notice AMC ranges between #1 (top) and #3 on the Google SERP.

As a cloud services provider, you can imagine how much of a trending topic anything ‘cloud’ related is at the moment, and we’ve included an intro to AMC’s Private Cloud Solutions.

The list of prospects we’ve utilized is a mixture of both warm + cold leads we’ve acquired on AMC’s behalf. Combined with email + social blasts, we expect our metrics & measurables to show us a great response!